Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dying Experiment

Updated 7/3/07

I love the look of the darker, muted laces that so many of the talented ladies use. In my dying experience, the pieces usually either turn out very light, or too bright in color. It occurred to me that if I started with a deeper color lace than white, the dyes may take on a different hue, so here is my experiment:

I save used coffee grounds in an old coffee canister to 'fertilize' rose bushes (Someone told me that is good for them, but haven't been trying it long enough to see any results). They are still soggy and wet, so I spread some over stark white appliques overnight, and here are those results.

This morning after coffee, there was some left in the pot, so I decided to 'over coffee' them and poured it on. They're still soaking, but I'll show those results after they come out. Think they'll hold that chocolate velvet flavored scent?

So...this is how they look after the coffee soaking for four hours and two, one-minute twirls in the microwave. I did the first shot on a paper towel, but thought that wouldn't be a true comparison, so the second is on the same counter and dish.

I'll update again after the dying...
...and here are the motifs after dye was painted on.

I also took a few of the ones that I had previously dyed and gave them a coffee bath.

My thought is that it just depends on what you're trying to achieve. The before ones are pretty, too. I think I like the effect better of dying on top of coffee rather than the opposite, coffee on top of dye. I also like the plain coffee colored ones a LOT.

What do you think?


Virgi said...

I am intrigued to see how they are now!!

Melissa said...

Oh yeah they'll keep the scent! I love it! Pretty color and yummy smell! Good thinking!

Ati. Norway. said...

It looks terrific Charlene! I usually do this color in tea :)

Susan said...

I especially like the way the peacock turned out. Sometimes I put the Persian Gold into another color of dye to darken it. Will the coffee color hold if you wash it in hot water?

Candi Harris said...

OOOOOOH they came out gorgeous! The colors are awesome! You do nice work. OF course:-)