Monday, July 30, 2007

SOH - Share Our Hearts - Received

***updated 07/30/07***

Please accept my thanks for all your time and talent put into making these wonderful hearts for me. My son was here when I opened the package, and he said, are all these for you? They are nice - what will you do with them? I haven't made up my mind yet, but I know for a while I'll just fondle and love them. Thanks just doesn't seem adequate, does it? But I do sincerely thank you all.

I'm the July member of the Share Our Hearts group on the CQ for Newbies list. I will post the hearts as I receive them here. It has been so much fun making hearts for the others in the group, and there are several more.

Today was the bundle day! Linda sent my remaining SoHs, and is it ever a bag full of beauty!

This one is from Peggy - and is it not beautiful? Purple and gold were my high school colors - but this is far beyond high school! I love the fan with flower sequins and the ribbon bow with pearls. Just lovely! Thank you, Peggy!

This pretty green and purple is from Jaki. Love these colors together! The bead 'streams' on the right are so unusual and pretty, and the enhancement to the floral fabric with silk ribbon and stem stitching just sets it off. And the sweet butterfly in the peak is just the right touch. No way you're getting this one back, Jaki! Thank you!

This one came from Karen. Isn't it elegant? The middle paisley section is a deep maroon enhanced with stitching. The button trail is just elegant enough - perfect, and the motif on the right has a rose in it's center, and there is braid and beads along the center. The bottom is a silk ribbon spray - very nice. Thank you, Karen!

Karen also included these lovely goodies. I don't have any motifs like these, and there's also lace, silk flowers, and some pretty fibers, too. Thanks again, Karen!

This one came to me unsigned, but I guessed correctly - can you? See the beautiful mother and child print surrounded by silk ribbon roses and detached chain stitches? There's a pretty metal fan charm stitched down with pretty thread. There are silk roses, a plant button, stitching and breaid. Just lovely! Thank you, Linda C!

This sweet kitty heart is from Lori - he's cross stitched with colorful threads matching the other pieces in the heart! A real sweetie pie! And there are delicate stitches and beads all around, too. Thank you, Lori!

And here is another heart from Peggy. One of the members of this group was unable to fulfill the year, so Peggy did a make up block. It's in a peach and pale green color theme, and just lovely. Sequins, beads, motifs all come together to make a very lovely heart - so soft and warm feeling. Pretty work, Peggy. Thanks and double thanks to you!

Today brought another SoH - this one from Candi.

It is so pretty in purple! There's a print in the center with a fairy on the crescent moon - my favorite! A great gold web with spider, a lovely seam of beads with a butterfly charm, and some wonderful SRE roses. Did the sprinkle of 'stars' glitter come on the fabric or is that something you attached? Very nicely done! Loving it! Click on the heart to get as full effect as you can in a photo. 7/7/07

Candi also sent a sweet silver angel of Faith, Hope, and Love. I believe it is a key chain fob, but I may attach it to my purse or craft bag!

Thank you so much, Candi. Your sharing is just as sweet as your usual kind words.

Oh, boy, oh boy! Another SoH - from Susan. She had posted about my heart on her blog about a week ago, but can you believe I didn't peek? I wanted to be surprised!
Isn't it beautiful? The heart is made from Doupioni silk, and it has a delicate fern stitched heart outline with pretty little beads. The main motif on the heart is a silk ribbon bouquet of blue bells. It is so pretty, and I love it! I didn't even know Susan did much silk ribbon stitching! 7/6/07

Then there are these great extra goodies! Some very pretty motifs that look so lacy and dainty, two heart beads that may be cloisonne, and some of the YarnPlayers' thread that I failed to order and is now out of stock!! You're a sneaky one - Ms. Susan!!

Thank you so much - I really do love it all!

Today when I got home, there was a box in the mail. What did I order? Hum... It wasn't anything I'd ordered, it was a package from Gerry! My SoH - oh, boy!
Isn't this a beautifully stitched heart? I love the colors, and all the beading is wonderful. There are tiny charm insects, and even a "Gerry" spider. Click to see all the detail - it's great. 6/29/07

Along with the embellished heart, Gerry sent a coordinated pieced heart for me to stitch on, along with some lovely beads and charms, fabric, and laces. There is also a sun push mold, pattern for the spirit doll, AND one of the great pin cushions that she makes. I saw them on her site a long while ago and thought how wonderful it would be to have one... Did you know that Gerry is a poet? She included the sweetest poem. What a special gift from a special friend. I love it all!!

Thank you so much, Gerry.

Today I received the first one from Wilma. Wilma, you're on the ball, aren't you? Wilma is vacationing and I'm sure she wanted to get this done so she could concentrate on having fun! I hope you're having the best of times, and look forward to reading about it when you return!


I think this heart is so precious! If you click on the picture, you can see the little angel and the beautiful, delicate stitching Wilma does. She also included several little (which I like) lace motifs, beautiful glass buttons, and a post card from Arnhem in The Netherlands.

Thank you very much, Wilma.


Gerry said...

How exciting to get your first heart. It's just darling. The cherub/angel is precious. Thanks for posting the other hearts you've made. I don't think I had seen any but mine.

Susan said...

Wilma's work is always so delicate and precise. I love her things. Mine will be along in a few days - maybe with the thread. Yeah, I knowl. =)

gocrazywithme said...

I just visited your blog for the first time and now I want to live there! I enjoyed all your round robin treasures, especially the buggy one; I love bugs! We should do that one again sometime so I can go buggy too. I'm really excited about the Egyptian swap; your block is beautiful. It can come live with me....

Ati. Norway. said...

All those hearts are so pretty and I love the poem Gerry sent you , even I had to guess the last line .

Thelma said...

Very lovely hearts Charlene. And what some lovely goodies to go with them.

Gerry said...

I'm so glad you liked your goodies. It will be fun to see what you do with the extra heart.

Now, go play!!!! :-)

Susan said...

Just glad you like the heart! Someone sent me a little book with lots of flower arrangments and I wanted to try that one for you, since I know you love flowers!

Ati. Norway. said...

Charlene , so many beautiful hearts you have got. This was a very nice swap, wasn't it?

Susan said...

Fabulous group of hearts! I love them. Have you decided what to do with them besides admire and stroke them? =)

Gerry said...

WOW, what a wonderful collection you ended up with. I know it's such a special, fun feeling when you get to see them all together.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Louisiana Momma said...

what a lucky lady you were!! Such beautiful hearts and goodies..