Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Waste Lands - The Dark Tower III *****

Just finished Stephen King's The Waste Lands. It was great. The troop carries on in their search for The Dark Tower, through the Mid World town of Lud, meeting Blain and Tick Toc Man.

I think I'm going to take a break from the series and read The Half Blood Prince before I hear too much about the final book of the Harry Potter series. My son and I went to see The Order of the Phoenix over the weekend, and it was quite good.


Susan said...

I saw the movie last night, too. Didn't you love the Weasley boys' fireworks in the main hall?

Gerry said...

We're waiting until DS gets home in August to go see it. DH is reading the last book now. I lost interest in the books mid book 5. Harry was too much of a whiner for me.

Do you read 'strictly' mystery/horror? Do you read series? I used to but switched over to fantasy/magic/sci-fi a few years ago. They're usually 3-12 book series. I need added character building. LOL.