Tuesday, February 27, 2007

TAST - IX Cross Stitch

One of the hearts for Chains of Hearts I made over the weekend was perfect for using the new TAST stitch for this week. Hope to swap with someone soon!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Tale of Quick Book Purchase

While I had an hour or so to spend yesterday, I went to the used (also new) book store. I found a great embroidery motif book, loved it, and put it in my basket. Of course they don't allow use of store credits on most books, but it was under $20, and I loved it. Just for curiosity sake, I looked it up on a couple of my favorite booksellers, and there it was... about $3 on one and $4 on the other, plus shipping, of course. I'm not sick over it, but do think that extra cost could have gone toward other supplies.

So you're asking, What was the book? Right? It is Waverly Honor, A workbook of Embroidery Design by Martha Anne Hart & Hester Neblett. The dedicaton says, "This book is dedicated to the memory of Virgina Baskervill, who had the foresight to record these needlework designs for the pleasure of future generations..." The Publication Date is 1926, but of course mine is a reprint.


Here are a couple of samples of fly stitches from Sharon's Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge.

Lace Buy with Susan

Susan's lace buy was fantastic. See all the pretty trims and motifs that were included below. I believe the next one is scheduled for May. Now to build some blocks to use it!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pawley's Island - *****

I just finished reading Pawley's Island, A Low Country Tale, by Dorothea Benton Frank. This is the fifth I've read - with the next being just as good at the last. I give five stars to all Ms. Frank's works. She grew up in the South Carolina Low Country, and her writing, to date, has been about the people and/or lifestyle there. She has a friendly humor that makes you feel as if you're reading a letter or chatting with a friend.
Preview Of Pawley's Island

People have secrets. Everyone does. And, at one point or another, many people say they would like to run away and start life over in a place where no one knows their business. I know that I have felt that way. More than once. And I am no stranger to disaster, and most certainly no one would ever call me a coward. Coward or not, sometimes you just want to slip away into the night.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Blogging Path

I wonder how in the world we get things done; we the inquisitive. We have our bloglines set up so that we know when one of our links of interest is updated, but then there are days like today. SharonB suggested "A Few Links", and off I went to spend a few hours touring the sites.

There was Mary Corbet's site, Needle'n Thread where she was comparing silk threads - but what fascinated me there was the library of video tutorials for embroidery stitches. There are lots of other great resources here, too.

Next I traveled to the BibliOddesey site. There is a lot of intellectual data here, but I got lost clicking on different picture links and finding images galore. I suppose the visual stimulation was enough for my journey today.

So on we go. Traveling the web for inspiration, knowledge, entertainment... Enjoy!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

TAST VII - Feather

Here's another example of stitches on one of the three inch blocks.

Although you can hardly see it, there are simple feather stitches used as the base for this floral arrangement!!

Stitching Enlightenment

Lesa posted a Philosophy/Justification for UFOs (Unfinished Objects) that I agree with, and it proved enlightening!

Many times I think and see comments on this topic: Why is most of my work done for gifts (that may or may not be appreciated) or on RRs (round robins). Not only UFOs, but most of the items we work on are for our stitching enjoyment = entertainment. If it isn't fun, why do it?

Justification for the topic may be, I spend so much time working on _____ that there's no time for MY project, or Using all that great stash on things for others. This could be why my stash grows so rapidly -- the part of the stash that I'm 'saving' for the special project never gets used? I tried to break out of this mold recently by sorting my 'special' fabrics among the rest by color. It has been quite enjoyable using these almost forgotten treasures - what's more special?!

Another Stitching Enlightenment is when it's a LOT more fun there comes a more inspired, creative result. OK, so I'm not an artist like many of the great stitchers we admire. Every piece they stitch truly looks like a work of art. It's not that I don't try my best on any piece, but there are projects that seem be quiet - they don't 'speak to me' demanding more. So what is it that makes some projects more fun than others?

Recently I've been working on two similar pieces. One is infinitely more fun and inspiring than the other. Why is that? There are no time constraints or requirements that make them different. My only observations are that I know one of the recipients better and the colors are more in my comfort zone. I'll post scanned -in progress- pictures of the two later.

I'd love to read your ideas, so comment, please.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Two for February

I found this along the bloggers' path from Dakini Dreams. It's hard to think of two in some cases, and some could be limitless...

  1. Two names you go by: Charlene / Mom
  2. Two parts of your heritage: Irish / Native American
  3. Two things that scare you: Loss of Parents / Mice
  4. Two things that make you really happy: Visits with Son / Food
  5. Two everyday essentials: Caffeine / TV
  6. Two things you are wearing right now: Glasses / Pants
  7. Two of your favourite current bands/artists: Dixie Chicks / John Mayer
  8. Two things you want in a relationship (other than love): HONESTY / Compatibility
  9. Two truths: Independence is KEY / The older I get, the more like me I become!
  10. Two favorite hobbies: Crazy Quilting / Tatting
  11. Two things you have to do this week: Exercise / Stitch :-)
  12. Two stores you shop at: Hamrick's (clothing) / Bi-Lo (grocery)
  13. Two shows you like to watch: Please ... House / Studio 60
  14. Two things you'd buy if money were no object: Coastal home / Craft Shop
  15. Two wishes for 2007: Troops come home / Live, Love, Laugh

Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Hearts

I made a couple of hearts for stitching and a 3" block. Have started a little on the pink one.

Friday, February 09, 2007

TAST VI - Algerian Stitch

Slow getting started this week, but finally got to the Algerian stitch. The best way for me to form the stitch was beginning from the outside edge to the inner point. Here are some examples done on a Travel quilt block.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Three Inch Blocks

Lesa from the CQ for Newbies list is hosting a Three Inch CQ block swap. These are my first attempts.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Heart Stitching

Melissa of the Hand Embroidery group shared a link to a paisley heart motif that I wanted to try. The fabric is a sheer silk, and the stitching is done with hand-dyed silk and silk buttonhole. The design is approximately 3.5 x 4 inches.

TAST V - Chevron

This week's Take a Stitch Tuesday is the Chevron Stitch. I've started with DMC threads on my Travel Quilt blocks.

Snowing in SC

The predictions have come to pass. It is snowing in SC - big, beautiful flakes and that's something! No work today.