Sunday, July 08, 2007

Summer Hibiscus

This is a perennial hibiscus. Several years ago, a young couple lived next to me. She had a beautiful plant that bloomed with red flowers that were bigger than my outstretched hand - and I don't have dainty little hands! When they were moving, I said to my dad, wonder if we could get some seeds from that to grow? He kind of shrugged me off... The next spring I found he had planted one on each side of my porch. Talk about a green thumb! Yes, I'd say my love for nature and the things outside came from him and my maternal grandmother. A couple of years later I said, I'd love to have a few of these along the deck... and yes, there are four of them there now. They are not as tall as the ones in front, and even they are not quite as tall as I remember the neighbors' being. I suppose with each generation it loses a little height, but certainly not its beauty!

These tightly closed buds will take a few weeks to mature.

A day or two before the buds burst, red begins to peek through.

The morning brings a wonderfully spread, shiny red flower.

The next morning the cycle is completed.

In the fall, the remains of the bloom pod will hold hundreds of little black seeds. They dry and drop, which I suppose is what brings the plants back year after year. Perhaps it is a reseeder instead of a perennial? My theory is not horticulturally proven, but seems logical to me!

By the way, the people who now live there completely removed the plant. I'm SO glad Dad decided to hear my suggestion... hum...who knows, he could have already had them started! Thank you, Daddy!


Gerry said...

Pretty, pretty. We have 6 plants and they bloom nearly year-round. It's fun to see the hummingbirds and dragonflies on them.

Pat Winter said...

Beautiful flower. Yes, Charlene, that address is correct. 1010N 350E. Chesterton,IN 46304
Thanks for participating :-)