Saturday, July 28, 2007

Birthday Box

updated 7/28/07

I was a member of the CQ for Newbies Group 1 Birthday Swap. My birthday is in December, but I chose to have May since I always wanted a summer birthday! My box came this week, and there are so many beautiful things in there I just have to share pictures.

First, I want to say Thank You to Rebecca for coordinating this major responsibility. And to all the generous participants of this swap: You've all been very generous and thoughtful with your birthday baggies, and Thank You never seems enough!

As a follow up to the Birthday Box, Gerry offered to 'complete' the project. For one reason or another, some folks didn't get their 11 baggies. I told her it certainly wasn't necessary, but was happy as could be when it arrived!

I got this one as a 'make up' from JK. It has the prettiest assortment of pink fabrics and goodies to go along with it. Beads, buttons, laces, trims. It's ready to grab a piece of muslin and build a block - which, by the way, is what I PLAN to do with the baggies from this swap, make a block from the contents from each of the baggies.

This is how the baggies kept pouring out of the box.

This baggie is from Christy. Notice the beautiful colors? Her card said, enjoy, "you had to wait long enough." Well believe me, it was well worth it. Love the beads with crystals and those red with gold ribbons, buttons, motifs, lots of great goodies!

Here's the baggie from Judyth. It's all color coordinated and lovely! Lace motifs - such a sweet butterfly, beads and sequins, and the great threads - excited to try the Rajmahal Art Silk.

This one is from Karen. Beautiful jewel tone fabrics, sparkly threads, coordinated buttons and silk ribbon. Very nice!!

Lesa's baggie has fuzzy fibers, beads, buttons, and lovely fabrics. One has a had drawn elf that Lesa does so well. There's a cross stitch kitty in a pumpkin kit, and a beautiful CQ'd heart door hanger.

Lynn's baggie has great fan motifs, buttons, charms, ribbons, pretty fabrics including a piece of maroon with gold swirls that is fantastic!

Nancy's assortment has wonderful fabrics with coordinated rayon threads, pretty printed pictures and some beautifully dyed flower motifs - how do you get those muted colors?

This baggie is from Peggy. There's a fiber art card, too, along with a tatted motif, pretty ribbons and lace, buttons, and great fabrics - one embroidered with an angel and another with my initial!

This pack is from Sue. See the tiny glove - just precious. A tiny angel and heart, along with beads, silk ribbon, and wonderful assortment of fabrics.

...and this one that has no name on it. It has a blue crocheted lady, lots of fuzzy fibers, assorted beads and baubles, fabrics, laces and trims. If you recognize it, I'd like to know who it's from...


Allison Ann Aller said...

This is a wonderful haul...congratulations on having such generous friends with such good taste!
Sounds like a nice group...

Gerry said...

What a HAUL. My gosh! Your stash is growing by leaps and bounds. LOL. The little postcard bear is soooo cute.

I'm happy for you. ENJOY!

Ati. Norway. said...

Charlene it is fantastic! You realy are spoiled.

Susan said...

What a wonderful assortment of things! I love that blue crocheted lady in the last baggie. With these and the pounds box, you may decide you don't ever need another thing! Happy Un-Birthday to You. =)