Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Kids

I've mentioned that my DS's dog, Kilo, a Great Dane pulled me into the split rail fence next to our house that made a gash on my cheekbone last week. I'm doing fine, just a few stitches and some loose 'gel' in my eye that is causing me to see floaters, but the doctor says it's ok.
She and Pixie are getting along fairly well, although Pixie has learned (or at least it's the first times I've heard her) to growl. She's not a mean or hostile girl, she's just so big and heavy that playing sometimes hurts. She is almost a year old, so I guess she's still growing.
Pixie is still a bit cautious!
Kilo likes Pixie's water better than her own, of course!

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Maddie Can Fly said...

I did not hear about your accident -- I' hope you're much better now. You've got to watch those big dogs -- they don't know their own strength at times (LOL)