Saturday, July 14, 2007

Victorian Colors

What do you consider Victorian colors?

I took some size 20, white DMC thread and put it in with all my other dying experiments last week. I put about 10 yards in the coffee and two 10 yard pieces in the rose water. When I wound them on paper this evening, I thought, this must be why the old crazy quilts we see are in such lovely, muted colors - their dying products for their threads. I only imagine that they had primarily white to work with, so they probably used their natural resources to have different colors. I can hardly wait until fall to try those deep, purple berries that grow on the weed that grows in the Wisteria bush.


Susan said...

Those would definitely qualify as Victorian, I think. I would add a little rosy-beige, and a green with a beige tint to it, and you'll be in business!

Ati. Norway. said...

Charlene what a good idea to use natural colors. They look much nicer to me than the colors from the bottles and tins.

Vianna said...

Have you tried red beets? Boil them and use the liquid to dye the threads. Also chestnuts, if you can find them. Nice, muted colors.