Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Garden Visitors

Someone recently mentioned that they loved dragonflies. I saw this one sitting in pose this evening, so I took Pixie in, grabbed the camera, and he was still there, waiting to be shared with the world.

I looked out toward the garden - remember the sweet little garden from earlier in the spring? There was another friend posing - a very hungry friend.

It was coming along so nicely - two rows of green beans filled with blooms, cucumbers in bloom... and then one evening sitting on the porch I saw a deer run across the yard (not in pose - dashing away). The next day I went out and ALL the green beans were gone - nothing but stems left - see below next to the tomatoes. Cucumbers, too. Never heard that animals liked them...but they do! I have been getting a few squash - zucchini and yellow, and the tomatoes are there, just not ripe yet, as is the corn - some as tall as me, but no tassels yet - or maybe the deer ate that, too!

See the nice, red South Carolina soil? It has rained at least some every day since Saturday. That's great - don't have to use the well to water. Since the tomatoes are kind of light/white, they should be getting ripe soon. Yummy!


Pat Winter said...

I love your nature pictures. The dragonfly is beautiful. You captured a great shot.
To answer your question about my lace painting source, Sara's Bloom, she is at the Quilt festivals each year in IL and TX. I put her info on my blog this morning for you.

Gerry said...

Great garden! That is a wonderful photo of the dragon fly...and hard to get :-)

Look, my waskle wabbit made it to your house. LOL.

Jane said...

Reminds me of Mister McGregors garden! The dragonfly photo is lovely, hmmmm, I can see that printed on fabric in one of your blocks sometime ??

Susan said...

We'll hope the deer don't decide they like tomatoes, too! Love the dragonfly. Cute little rabbit. There's one that likes to nibble our dandelion greens, and he's welcome to them. We have plenty! I like dandelions. =)

Maddie Can Fly said...

One of those cute little bunnies ate all my sunflowers! Now I don't find them quite so cute anymore.