Saturday, July 14, 2007


A few days ago someone mentioned that The Needle Case . Com was having a sale... and who am I to miss a sale? They came in the mail today. I don't think I've had any DMC size 12 before, so these are the shades I selected to try, and it is a nice feeling thread and nice colors, too.

While I was button searching on Etsy, I found these threads, too. They are mostly size 70, and they were from someones mother and aunt, so they're older - and different colors than I've seen in the stores. Notice the little holder in the left of the pic. The thread inside was mine, but just wanted to see if it would fit. It's to hold the thread while in use so it won't tangle or get dirty. I had never seen one made specifically for that purpose. The ones in the store are primarily for knitting thread, big, bulky, and rather expensive! I love this tiny one!


Susan said...

Both sets of threads are great. I loved the ones I got from Needlecase, too. I'm getting more from that gal in England who had acquired scads of threads, too. I like the colors in the bottom picture. They look so familiar to me. I probably spent time gazing at them when I was young and poor. =)

Louisiana Momma said...

love the threads.. I have never used the ones on the rolls before - always have used the skeins. Just gotta love ebay - I know I do :-)

JK said...

Hello darlin! Those threads are really pretty! I like the cotton threads by DMC. They stitch nice, and I tend to stay with the 8 and 12 size. Perfect for CQ seam embroidery.