Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lovely Women

Isn't this a wonderful picture? I love the faces of these women - so intent. I found it on BiblioOdyssey.


Gerry said...

I saw this yesterday, at the same site. I laughed out loud! I kept thinking, "go ahead - poke him!"

I just love the Gibson girls.

Susan said...

Interesting picture! I go there every once in a while and look at what's collected. Every now and then I find something I just love! This is a good one.

Pat Winter said...

Charlene, I am sorry, but didn't know how else to contact you. I thought I had your addy. Anyway, Thank you for the dolls,and the extra which was not necessary,but appreciated. You are so sweet and generous. I have enjoyed your shopping finds. It is fun to see what people find and select.

Candi said...

Charlene, I love your ladies!! Can almost picture several of us in the pic.