Saturday, July 14, 2007


Since I've been in shopping mode lately, and on Friday we get off work at 3:00, I decided to drop in to the Good Will store. I love to check their books, and I got about seven!

Then I said, I'll just glance to see if they have any great silk... I want a few pastels. Should have gone out the door with my books... Evidently they had a recent 'shipment' because I came out with a LARGE bag full - and of course not all pastels!

This creamy colored silk blouse just would not stay on the rack - see all those pretty motifs?

Then there was the neutral / gold wrap skirt, big 80's style jacket - 85% silk 15% metallic.

Pink silk blouse

Pink silk dress suit / coat - Ann Taylor - too bad I'm not a size 6

Olive green silk, ankle length skirt suit

Hot pink silk long, dress suit

Blue silk blouse

Blue silk skirt

Oh, there are a few jewlry trinkets in my purse... Yes, THIS is a big part of why they call it CRAZY quilting!!


Barbara C said...

You got lots of great fabrics there. I especially like the ones with lace and trims attached.

Susan said...

Wow, what a haul! You'll be able to get lots of blocks out of that. You are going to wind up like Crazy Judyth, if you aren't careful. =)

Ati. Norway. said...

Lucky you to find those old clothes, they are beautiful material for CQ.

Pat Winter said...

What fun! I love hearing about the stash people find at Goodwill and tag sales. Yes, crazy quilting is also about the imaginative hunt!!!