Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Choice RR - May 2005

"I am happy to be a part of this My Choice RR. Please enjoy yourself with my block, letting it 'tell you' what it needs. It's not a Christmas block, I just love the fire/jewel tones. I don't care for lots and lots of lace, so you may want to save it for someone who LOVES it.

I hope your block returns filled with beautiful work, and that it fills your heart with smiles!"

I just love the way this one turned out. The colors are really pretty, and everyone did a great job of stitching and SRE! Thanks to one and all!

Janie - I did the yellow flowers with Vicky Clayton's silk ribbon. Then I did the Holbin stitch with the lazy daisy flowers. Next I did the weaving using JP Coats threads. Then I used Vicky Clayton's silk thread to do the red lazy daisy and herringbone stitch. The green lazy daisy stitch was done with silk and beige straight stitches using silk perle. Last I did the feather stitch down the striped.
Judy - I did 7 different treatments on patches or seams. Included was a floral spray I did using beads, added a red beaded flower, red silk ribbon rose spray, a seam treatment using red sequins, 2 seam treatments with a combination of stitches and a little flower bush on one corner with yellow French knot flowers.
Candji - I did the red rose vine in the top center. The thread is Chinese Silk I got off eBay.
Ronnie - I stitched your initial ;using red moonlight by YLI. I also stitched a lazy daisy seam finish using the same metallic and gold. Then I stitched a yellow gold rose spray using silk ribbon.
Andrea - The flowers on a vine is from Motifs for Crazy Quilting by J. Marsha Michles. I adapted them a bit so they would fit along the seams. I stem stitched the outlines and then filled in the flowers with rayon floss. Next I did a simple seam treatment using slik parl fly stitches and Edmar Glory rayon french knots. Lastly I did another simple seam treatment to the right of the top flower. I used Edmar Glory rayon.

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