Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stitchers' Pick RR - August 2004

"I am happy to be a part of this Stitchers' Pick RR. Please feel free to enjoy yourself with my block, letting it 'tell you' what it needs.

I hope your block returns filled with beautiful work, and that it fills your heart with smiles!"

There were a bunch of purple lovers in this round robin - me being one! Didn't it turn out beautifully? Thank you all for such lovely work!!

Judy - First, I dyed the fan motif and fan lace a lavender color and attached the fan with beads and a purple silk flower. Then I embroidered your initial on a patch. Next added herringbone stitches in pink and white and added pink silk ribbon French knots. Added small yellow blanket stitches and beads on the side of the patch with your initials. Finally added 3 buttons with yellow beads.

Edith - I wanted to play into the drama by putting a ciggy silk of Pola Negri. She was a famous actress from around the turn of the century until well into the 20s. I found that6 the black and white photo goes well with the purple. I decided to surround the picture with a lavender velvet ribbon for a Victorian flair. Then I created a cascading spray of silk ribbon flowers flowing down from the bottom right corner. On the right side I covered the short seam with small pink roundels and then added a large mint coloured roundel on the top right corner of the ciggy silk. Lastly I embellished the short seam to the right of that with the beaded cross stitch and the long seam down with the beaded feather stitch.

Ellen - To start I added three mother of pearl buttons that I decorated with Iris rub-ons and then coated with clear finish and added a purple and green trim beside them on the seam. Above that int he corner I sewed on some sequins (large flower type from Michael's) and smaller 5 mm gold sequin on top ( Next I sewed on the butterfly that I dyed and then on the seam beneath I did a chain stitch and wove some silk ribbon thru it.

JoAnn - I did the gold and purple ribbon under the fan, the ribbon in the other corner that is white with purple flowers and green leaves, the purple and yellow circle under the print, and the cretan stitch beside it. I then added some purple flowers with the pink ones. In the upper corner of the print I dyed the piece of lace and make it into a necklace. Lastly I did a spider web an spider on the changing color fabric.

Lola - On the lower left of the picture of the lady on the white flowered patch and the 2 patches beside it - I used the feather stitch to make a heart. I used several different colors in the heart then added metallic beads. Above the heart I sewed beads forming colorful flowers and stem. The 2 seams above and below the yellow butterfly also has my work - feather stitch below the butterfly and above the butterfly is fly stitched iris (original as far as I know).


Gerry said...

Gotta love that purple. LOL. The siggie is really nice. Thanks for sharing these blocks. They are lovely!

Susan said...

This *might* be my favorite one, but it's hard to be sure! They are all just lovely, and I certainly love the spiderweb on the first one!