Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunny Gals RR - Newbie Group A - March 2004

"Thank you all so much for your time and creativity.

I hope your block returns to you filled with much beauty and love."

From some of the comments, this was a quiet block - it was hard for the stitchers to 'hear' what it was asking from them - but once it started talking, they did a wonderful job!! Thanks again for all the beautiful work done on this block.

Andrea - The first thing I did was the silk ribbon embroidery vine. The pattern is from "Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery Borders by Deanna Hall West. I used a stem stitch with silk pearl #12 (Holly leaves) from Victoria Clayton (hand-dyed The leaves and flowers were done with Cabochon silk ribbon (#6v - Emerald Greens) for leaves & #29-sunflower for flowers). The second embellishment I did was the chevron stitch using Edmar Frost (#119). Then I added the french knots using two strands of Rajmahol rayon threads that I had received int he Australian swap last year. Next I added the wool and rayon trim. Lastly I added the California poppy motif. The flow is outlined using a stem stitch with Cabochon silk twist. The leaves are outlined using a stem stitch with silk pearl #12 (Holly leaves) from Victoria Clayton. I finish the flower with french knots done with Cabochon silk ribbon (#90).

Linda - On the small purple triangle, I placed a large button, gold/purple stone. The large square w/flowers was next and I placed beads in the center of flowers & french knots using silk thread. On the smaller blue piece I did 3 lazy daisy flowers (silk ribbon) and lots of French knots again using silk thread. The long red, blue, green strips was a problem, just could not see anything on it. I finally decided to run the lines of the design and use yellow silk thread to do chain & running stitches to outline the design.

Beverly - I put the flowers (pink) up the blue-green seam and placed a button the purple.

Ronni - In a teal square I stitched a silk ribbon flower I called a mum. The stem & leaves were stitched variegated perle cotton size 8. In the turquoise area I stitched a silk ribbon flower spray and white french knots using 7 mm ribbon. On the seam I stitched x stitches with lazy daisy flowers & french knots. I stitched the feather stitch spray with silk ribbon flowers,.. I also stitched a silk ribbon flower & another spray with french knots.

Pat - First I worked on the coral/peach patch using a cross-hatched design w/a silk ;earl #8 in aqua w/ seed pearls & french knots. Also I did a smaller one in coral & aqua beads. Then I added some French knot flowers. The seam treatment on the coral patch was a straight stitch w/ a loop caught in the straight stitches - #8 silk pearl variegated, (french knots in each thread loop.) Then I worked on the white floral on teal patch. I just did a vine w/silk emb. thread and sewed coral pearls on the flowers. On this seam I did a yellow wheat ear pattern. Next I worked on the small, yellow patch. I did 3 fans, curving next to one another...stem stitch and straight stitch using a variegated #8 silk pearl. Then I added pretty matching beads to the fans. On the yellow seam, I used beads and a stitch that I have forgotten the name of. Next down the teal & yellow patched, I added a vine made of feather stitch & French knots - pearle cotton & silk ribbon. Then on the red velvet & red satin patches I did 3 variegated silk ribbon roses, using the wagon wheel spoke method with tiny seed beads for centers & "dew drops." The roses are encircled with chain stitches of silk pearle #8 from Vikki Clayton's fibers. Right beside the red/gold satin patch, I did a seam of chevron stitches using #8 silk pearle & some lilac glass beads. I did a small seam treatment to separate my 'circled roses' . Finished enclosing the peach patch 2/ 2 short seam treatments, other than he looped stitch. Lastly, I sewed 5 pretty beads on the red silk patch that is right beside the "Xmas stripe - made me think of Christmas".

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