Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Egyptian Block - Finished

Such fun it was stitching this block. There are several ladies on CQ for Newbies doing more than one, but I think the two will be all for me. It was really something different for me! You can see the first one here.

Since I finished the first Egyptian block, I decided to work on another one. It has been fun building the blocks with more earthy tones, and finding motifs to include. Here's the one I made last night.


Gerry said...

LOL! You got caught up in it too, didn't you? Nice block. The colors work nicely together. Have fun!

Susan said...

Gosh, after looking at your blocks and Gerry's, I almost wish I'd joined the swap! I love the geometrics in the center here.

LouAnne said...

Charlene: On my blog you said: Very pretty blocks - remind me of some of my own color schemes, but then, where did I get some of my fabric? :-)

I'm guessing maybe you bought some fabrics from me when I was downsizing? Well, SOME of these fabrics may look familiar, but a LOT were put in that share-box by my students also. It's getting to be quite a challenge to come up with decent looking blocks now after 12 blocks.

This is the only way I could find to reply to you. Couldn't find an email link anywhere. I'm hopeless, but at least you should get this if you have the thingee turned on that notifies you when someone makes a comment on your blog! vbg

Ati. Norway. said...

Very beautiful Charlene. I like the hieroglyphs you embroidered, the scarab, the cat, that eye looks also familiar to me. A very pretty block!

librarylass said...

That block is impressive! Gives me hope when I don't have any Eqypt themed fabrics.

JK said...

Hon you have done a faboulous job on this! No "Egyptain" theme fabric and man oh man...Looks Eyptain to me! It is amazing what we cand do when we challenge our minds. Wait till you see what I have in store for all of you next... Ahhh... I love to get the juices flowing. Well, that along and teasing you.

Beautiful sweetie, and I have been looking at all your RR's. WOW!! Great work on all of them!