Thursday, May 17, 2007


This evening I'm sharing a few photos of a few blooms around the house and my veggie garden. It's actually a small garden, but more than I'll need so I can share the bounty.

The roses were just beginning to bloom when I snapped this shot on Mother's Day, May 13.

This is the first time my Spanish dogwood bloomed. I planted it two (?) years ago.

This is the season's first 'red' peony - it's really bright pink. There are several more buds ready to pop!

Today the roses are in full bloom - such a deep wine red, and look almost like velvet. Is this the Knockout rose I hear so much about?

Here's my little veggie garden with tomatoes on the right. There was a sprinkle of rain late yesterday, but you can see that it's time to get the soaker hoses in place for this SC red soil.
then two rows of green beans...
two rows of corn... and squash on the left,
and then there are cucumbers. The ones on the end were plants, but the little seeded ones have just about caught up!


Tania Borealis said...

Wow, it is indeed a beautiful garden.

Melissa said...

WOW I think it's a big garden! I love the red rose could be knockout it is a common one and grows pretty easily!

Susan said...

What a great garden! You don't seem to have any zucchini. Or did I miss it? =)

The flowers are a nice addition, too. You weren't kidding that you love to garden!