Sunday, June 10, 2007

Southern Friends RR - 1999 - My First

"This block will be used as a part of the quilt (or duvet) that is my ultimate goal. I have finished seven blocks, but have recently been sidetracked by other projects, swaps, etc.

I love royal colors of wine, forest, navy, gold, purple, as you can see.

Please let the block "talk to you" and I'm sure it will return beautifully!"

This was my first round robin. Of course, I have not made a quilt or duvet... but when I do this could well be a central piece. Notice that one of the stitchers did a couple of things for the first time (she had done a practice on her sampler) - the spider/web and owl. The block is just beautiful, and I truly thank the stitchers who participated.

Carol - On the blue piece I did an oriental violet in BE, surrounded by lace. Just above it is a basket charm with colonial Knots and the ribbon flowers on the green.

Patty - The sparkly blue fabric spoke to me of sunlight bouncing off water. I had the pewter charms on hand - took the backs off them and glued strings so I could make them lay flat. The stitched fish is from Carole Samples' Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches. I doodled the seaweed with one strand of DMC and one of DMC glitter/metallic. It didn't show up, so I did the outline stitch into the stitches with the metallic. The fish is stitched with flax and copper metallic. I tried a new stitch for me on this seam. This feather stitch is done in Kremik Ombre.

Betsy - First I put the black trim w/different colors on yellow & blue seam. I also put the cord around your beautiful black velvet square. Now I hope you like the spider web & spider (her first). Then I did the chain stitch in a hand-dyed pearl cotton and added the pink and purple variegated bullion roses. Then the feather stitch over as leaves. PS: The black piece just kept telling me to do something so I put an owl on it in white floss - I drew it myself, used tissue paper (first time).

Mary - I added cast on roses in lav on the sm gold patch w/beads to fill in . Also the small oval flower piece and anchored it w/beads. I added the button with sparkly thread. The white trim at the top left corner with beads. Twisted roses with brass ribbon. Gold/black trim over Carols great basket.

Faye - I did the flower bunch next to Patty's underwater scene, the 'starry sky' next to it and the fernstitch / bead combo along the red/green seam next to your flowers.

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