Thursday, June 21, 2007

Playing with Hearts

I've been playing around with stitching and embellishing another heart - not for anything specific, just auditioning some treatments. My thought was a Magnolia tree, then these little tatted with sparkle rings hit my eye - how would they look? Then the umbrella shape, and I'm always wondering what to do with extra bits of lace. I saw a photo of a 'girly' umbrella with a ruffle and thought I'd give that a try. Next the tatted 'heart' rings - that is officially called a dimpled ring - edging I'd been practicing. The last added were the few stitches. I'm planning to add a few beads, too.


Gerry said...

This little tree is so cute. I love the tatting. Also, thanks for the tip on the bead holder.

Susan said...

I love the heart. The little umbrella just looks like it is waiting for someone to come put a table and chairs under it, then sit with a nice cup of chocolate and watch the world go by!