Sunday, June 10, 2007

UFO-II Round Robin, September 2003

"I love the royal colors of purple, blue, green, burgundy, gold, etc. as you can see from my block. This block is intended to be the front of a cover to be made for my sewing machine. It is a big block, and I have no idea that it will be finished when it returns. Just do YOUR favorite thing and it will be perfect for me.

Thank you all so much for your time and creativity.

I hope your block returns to you filled with much beauty and love."

The next few posts will be a 'history' of the CrazyQuilt round robins that I've participated in over the last few years.

I used this block as the foundation for my sewing machine cover. The women who stitched on this block did a wonderful job. Thanks again to each of you!

Janie - I did the blue woven stitch on the green patch. Then I did the dark and light herringbone stitch on the red patch. Last I did the mo... on the purple patch.

Kristen - I stitched on the purple & green pieces in the upper right. First I stitched the antique blanket stitch in wildflowers - carnival, I can't remember where I got the clear & pink leaves & the blue seed beads are #11. Next I stitched the feather stich vine in wildflowers - pussy willow, the ...stitch leaves are Brucilla 4 mm ribbon & the pearl beads are from a swap. Last I stitched the upside down lazy daisy's on the green satin in wildflowers - meadow.

Marianne - I did the silk rose flowers with green leaves and rose buds and french knots on the purple piece. Then I put the fly stitch with lazy daisy stitch on the red seam. I also added the design in beads on the red piece. Finally I seamed with a button hole stitch between. I used hand dyed silk perle thread (green and red pieces) silk ribbon and white thread.

Cher - I added a pink & red lace trim I dyed & a rose that I hope you like.

Leslie - I did the following: green lace motif with SRE bouquet & beads; cretan stitch of Caron thread with rayon over stitch; 3 green button hold half circles of silk buttonhole twist; feather stitch next to center patch with red beads. I also added two buttons with bead dangles.

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