Sunday, June 10, 2007

Embellishers' Round Robin - 2003

"This block is one that I would love to see your expressions of what the color and texture say to you -- enjoy!!"

"Something about myself - I love crazy quilts! Don't we all? One of my favorite things is stars. I love the royal colors of blue, green, burgundy, gold. etc. I like lady bugs, dragon flies, just any and everything -- just do YOUR favorite thing and it may be mine next time.

Thank you all so much for your time and creativity.

I hope your block returns to you filled with much beauty and love."

Another lovely block with the stitching of a group of great stitchers! Thanks to all.

Ida - The seam between the yellow piec & the saisley piece, I did a woven stitch w/rust sparkly thread (p.144 in Carole Samples book). Bewteen the yellow paisely peice & the green wool, I did a row of Chevron stitches w/rust thread. I attached ecru lace along the green velvet piece. I attached a butterfly silk. I put lace around the silk. I put 3 yellow flowers below the butterfly picture, and 3 lavender flowers above the butterfly picture.

Della - I did th work on the two purple blocks on the left side. I added the purple & pink pansys with the black beads. I added the green feather stitch the green beads, the pink blanket sitch on the left side, and the aqua Daisy stitch with the aqua beads. Last I added some antique pink and withe tatting around the purple silk material.

Lois Marie - My additions are the lace butterfly, the gold braid, and the stitchery in purple & white.

Barb - Since you mentioned you loved stars & dragonflies or butterflies, that exactly what I put on your block. I also did the ruched seam on the left side of the stars.

Candji - I did the copper stars on the green seam and the teal spider roses beside the C. I also added the vintage crocheted sunflower in the corner.

Hannah - I added the small mauve colored rose, the dragonfly and the french knots.

Diane - I did the 'C' with burgundy very velvet couched down with a single strand of YLI silk, filled with Burmelana french knots in rust. I did the green lazy daisy stitch with the salmon SR buds. I used rust twisted silk Elegance to make the double knot stitch. I did zig zag chain stitch using Impressions and a variation of the feather stitch using Shey's silk in Berry Spritz on either side of the print silk..

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