Saturday, September 16, 2006

Some Crazy Things We Do

Someone was telling about an incident with her four wheeler yesterday, and I thought -- you think that's bad. Of course, hers was of a dangerous nature, but she played it off as being dumb.

I've had my car for about 10 months. A month or so ago I was at the gas station ready to fill the tank. The cover is one that you just push in to release the latch. It wouldn't open after many attempts. I had the keys in my hand, so it wasn't that they were in the ignition. Maybe someone had tried to open it and bent it? My card wouldn't get through the space to manually open it... Ah Ha! I realized I was across the street from the dealership. I drove over and met a young man in the parking/service area. I told him my dilemma and he seemed puzzled as well. He tried, then got inside the car. He flipped to door locks off, and sesame! Now I still don't understand it, but all doors have to be unlocked before the gas tank cover can be opened -- yes, someone could open the door on the other side and grab your packages or purse, but what the gentleman said was, "After you open the tank, lock the doors again." Of course, it must not be something I'm TOO concerned about since this was the first time it had happened in 10 months - for that long all the doors had been unlocked; right?

I've done some stitching this week, but just haven't taken the time to put up any pictures.

This pink heart is one for the Have a Heart project. One got lost, so this will be its replacement.

My practice of tatting with beads. Turned out pretty good!

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Melissa said...

I LOVE your beaded tatting!!! I really really love the cream one!
Great Job!