Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Coming of Autumn

It is so hard to believe that the First Day of Autumn is only two days away - September 22.

The Village
Someone commented recently that the term 'village' isn't used much in certain areas of the country. My mom says it once in a while when reminiscing. As a child growing up in the south, textiles was one of the primary means of employment. The houses were clustered around the mill, in fairly close proximity since there were not a lot of cars. This clustered community was referred to as 'the Arcade village.'

The Super
Some of the tales I've heard... Many of the superintendents were total tyrants - they would make a family move (the mill owned the homes, and employee paid them rent) if you didn't do things exactly as they said, or didn't shop at 'the mill store' ... meaning you lost your job as well as your home.

And of course there was the Arcade-Victoria Elementary School to which I walked every day. Everyone probably remembers those new school clothes - fall colored with long sleeves - and no matter how hot it was, one had to be worn that first day. The weather, like these pre-Autumn days, the morning was cool, so they felt fine, but by the afternoon it was hot! That was during the time when dresses were required, and I remember having to wear pants, and undershirts of course, under my dress during the cold winter morning walk. Those undershirts didn't come off until the 1st of May no matter how hot it was - and bare feet were allowed then, too. I don't remember very much about those days at school - but one is the 'lunch room' (food of course) in what was probably the basement/shelter. Having vegetable soup and peanut butter mixed with syrup/honey sandwich was my favorite.

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