Friday, September 15, 2006

Encrusted or Minimal Crazy Quilt

I tend toward the minimalist side. However, it helps me to take a picture of a block and look at it in that format to see if it still looks naked. Someone just suggested taking the piece to a mirror to accomplish the same. Believe it or not, my blocks do tend to have a bit more on them, but still wouldn't call them encrusted. One reason is that I usually LOVE the fabrics (texture, color, image, or sentimentality), and do want these to be a part of the overall view. I am hoping Sharon B's class in October will help me with that 'eye movement across the block' skill. I look back at some of my first blocks and see that there is SO much open space on them.

Gifts for the non-crafter. I get so frustrated with my mom. She is one of those who puts things in the drawer to protect and save them. I'm sure I would feel worse if she washed the car with a throw that I made for her, but there HAS to be a middle ground. I have told her that I will not make her anything else until I see some of what she has received being used or at least making an appearance once in a while. Then I feel guilty - I gave it to her - now it's hers. Why should I tell her what to do with it? I hate to admit this, but my love of hand-made items has grown along with my love for doing them myself. I have a quilt that Grandmother made for me that was left on the couch many years ago when I had a Doberman puppy. She 'nursed' on the corner of that quilt until it became tattered. You get the picture. I did try to sew/patch it back, and maybe that is a part of its character, but I will always wish I had taken better care.

Design: I'm certainly not a pre planner. I usually start with a color scheme idea, select the fabrics, put the block together, then let it talk to me. Hey, maybe that's it -- if it is a shy block, it gets less embellishment. If it's a chatter, it gets more encrusted!

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