Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day -- and many in the US don't work... Hum...

Do you carry a fan in your purse? The weather has been hot and I have been hot, so there is a need for fans. Mine gets whipped out once in a while when I have a heat surge! And of course there is the paper one on my computer desk, another by 'my chair' for TV and stitching, and I would like to have one in the sewing room... I'll be on the lookout for another.

The fan I carry in my purse is one bought in Williamsburg, Virginia, as a souvenir that is wooden and carved (probably stamped). When the heat surges started for me, I wished for a fan in my purse and thought of this one stored away.

This morning before the dew dried, I spotted this beautiful web over the well attached to the front porch and maple tree. I'm always amazed at the distance those two little threads make it to the web -- until someone walks by and get them in their hair or face. :-)

There was one I saw a couple of years ago that looked like an angel - what do you think?

Jonathan is to visit today, and Aunt Mack has invited us over for home-made barbque (sauce and all). Sounds very good now - it's past lunch and I'm hungry!


Anonymous said...

where do you live? that you have spider webs that big.and what kind of spider is it that makes this big web.

Charlene said...

I live in SC, but don't know what kind of spider it is that makes these big webs.

Maureen said...

I live in S.E.Queensland and we're approaching our Summer season which is hot and humid.
I inherited my mother's collection of fans,and believe me I make sure I have one in my bag and in the car,