Friday, September 01, 2006

Hoops, Frames, and Hearts

There has been some discussion about using hoops and frames in doing hand stitching on the Hand Embroidery list. Here is a picture of one I bought for about $15 at Collections Etc. The first time I tried to use it was upsetting to me because I stitched the block to a piece used to hold it in place - but now I've realized that it ok - I just left my foundation piece a little longer and am ready to give it another try. [I tried it again and still wasn't satisfied 9/06.]

I have started some hearts for the Chains of Hearts Swap group, and they are rough around the edges as yet, but they'll be cut more into shape as they're finished. They may be a bit too busy as the ones I've seen are more simplistic and elegant... HappyHeartsHearts

With the rains for the last couple of days have come a few fresh blooms...

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Brenda L. Minor said...

Hi Charlene, The third definately qualifies as elegant... THe middle heart has fabrics that I'm totally in love with. And the first heart reminds of the one I"m working on. Or the one that's working on me!! It's suppose to be red and white.... A Betty Boop heart block. But am trying to get the right fabrics to go with my most favorite red fabric... A got so frustrated last night that I gave up and went to bed without finishing it. And haven't gone back to it today... Maybe tommorrow. I like your hearts... I wish I could embellish them! lol.... Have fun! Brenda M.