Thursday, July 20, 2006

Seam Treatments

I've been on a bit of a stitching sabbatical, but am getting back on track. I've worked on the Hand-Embroidery chevron stitch of the month and a section of tatting for a birthday baggie in the CQ for Newbies birthday swap.

I also did two of the 100 Seam Treatments. Now I'm wishing I were at home to go forth in stitches.
I went through my 'block drawer' and found a practice block that I did way back when, so it NEEDS some help - great for the 100 Seam Treatments! I do seem to have a problem adding to existing seam work, so if anyone has thoughts on how to overcome that, please comment!

Day 18

Day 19 was hard to photo with that shimmery fabric. The fiber piece used to weave through was also hard to work with, so it is more threaded than woven through the cretan stitches.

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