Monday, July 17, 2006

Grandmother's Quilts

There was a discussion of polyester quilts on the CQforNewbies list, and I got to thinking... Why don't you put a few pics of Grandmother's quilts on the blog. This quilt was hand pieced and quilted by my Grandmother Brooks (1902-1993) when she was probably in her 70's - 80's of clothing scraps from the 1970's. That was a colorful era, wasn't it? The 'right' side is made of less than 2 inch blocks , and the reverse is in strips of various sizes. It appears to have been sewn with cotton (?) thread, and some seams are already coming apart. She pieced the tops of many, and one of my aunts finished quilting some so that the great-grands could have one, too. I think Aunt Willie cut some of them down to more of a throw size, and I believe this is one of those because it's my son's (though still at my house). Mine is very similar, but I'll get it out and photo it, too. I never used them on the bed often because they slip and slide like satin sheets :-).

And then the discussion continued about not appreciating them in the past, and how many memories they now hold... She also made a cotton one for me - red, white, and blue - for my hope chest. It went through a lot of hard times - the beach, floor, picnics, a pup gnawing/nursing on it. I did stitch that corner up, but right now don't even know how that looks... I need to get it out and post photos of it as well.

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Debbie R. said...

I was taken back to my Mom's first quilts she made in the early 70s. We used them to death! She made a few, but quit sewing altogether until she retired a couple of years ago. Now she has been bit by the quilting bug in a serious way!