Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Celebrating Independence

This morning I've picked up a bit and swept around. Did a good cleaning of the kitchen and dining room yesterday, so I would once again allow someone to come in - not for the white glove all over, but the LR and kitchen are tolerable. Once again I tell myself, "it will not get this messy again," and I've taken all my crafting items back to their room, and cleared a basket to gather what's needed for a seam or two at once. Anyway, back to the fun stuff. Now I've been stitching - true independence!!

Day 10 reminds me of wagon wheels, although they're called buttonhole wheels...

I modified Day 11 a bit - my seam was quite short, and two herringbone lines would have overtaken the space before adding the beads.

Jonathan should be on his way soon. We're going to Nan and Pop's to cook out. We're having a Pot - crab legs, shrimp, corn, potatoes. Sound so good - I'm hungry!!

The food was delicious and the family was in good humor - a good time of fun.

Finished Day 12 - these are some of my favorites!! I don't know how we could thank Sharon B enough for all this great inspiration!

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