Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A few more days, and a couple of strangers

This is day 17 of the 100 Seams Challenge

day 16

and day 15

These fellows were waiting this morning when Pixie and I went out. The one on the screen looks like a relative of a praying mantis. The one on the mat looks like an over grown pea pod. If you recognize either of them, let me know their names, please.


Charlene said...

So, I've been told that the visitor on the screen is a Fish Fly, and the one on the mat is a KatyDid. Thanks for the info, Debby and Debby's DH.

Sue Hanson said...

Hi the green bug is some sort of cricket or gras hopper. But I recognise the one on the screen - a "mayfly" AKA May bi#ug. They hatch in the 100's all on the same day and after they've mated they die. Maybe you are near a river?

Then again I could be totally wrong...

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