Saturday, July 22, 2006


I thought today would be a little cooler since it was only supposed to be about 85 or so, but with the humidity being 85 too, it felt like 100 to me. So, again, no yard work. It looked like it had rained a little when we went out this morning, but an hour or so ago a storm came by, and it rained like crazy for a good while. YES!! Now it says 70 degrees and 95% humidity.

I really didn't mind too much. I made my two half-and-half blocks for the CQ Newbies Swap. There are so many swaps and things going on there, but I'm trying to refrain from joining too many. Sounds like some may be getting over extended, and that takes the fun out of it for me. Anyway, one is green and yellow, and the other is black and white. Rebecca recommended that we do different colors - don't know what the next step will be after they're mailed to her. She did say she will try to mail our originals back to the owners. I'm thinking about making another black and white one for myself. It's sort of hard to see the contrast in either of the dark colors, and to even tell the one with yellow is green.

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