Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Weekend

I got all the needle cases that have come to the post office this Saturday morning. I hope everyone will be happy with their swap. I went to the post office that was handy, but it isn't open on Saturday mornings, wouldn't you know. Good thing I didn't wait any longer or it would have been closed, too.

I made the Tutti Fruiti block for Judy today - hoping those are tutti-fruiti colors! Now to embellish it.

I think I will join the Gypsy purse challenge. How many challenges do I need? I have enough now to keep me from cleaning house. I'm off work week after next, and I WILL devote at least a couple of days to cleaning!! But for now... off to stitch!

Jonathan isn't coming to visit this weekend, but will come next week. He has guests.

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