Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fun and finish

I got a good bit done last night ... I finished my 'Hand Embroidery' second stitch for July.

I also finished - or stopped - on the day three for Sharon B's 100 Seams.

Then I played with food coloring to dye some lace for the first time. They turned out ok - but we'll see how they hold up.

I have done a little tatting in the last few days, too!

Tonight, Tuesday, I did Days 4 and 5 of the 100 Seam Treatments.


Elizabet said...

Hey charlene. I was telling my mum about your food colouring dying and she suggested leaving them on the window sill to check how light proof they are. You have been busy!

Charlene said...

Tell mum great idea! They're on my dining room table which gets a lot of afternoon sunshine, but not directly. Fun, fun! Thanks for looking and commenting!