Monday, June 26, 2006

Back to work ...

It's Monday, and I didn't feel like coming to work this morning, but I did to myself what I used to do when Jonathan felt poorly -- get up and shower, you'll feel better in a little while. So here I am, and indeed feeling a little better. Another encouraging thing is that I'll be on vacation next week - YES!! Not planning for any exciting trips, just time away from work with no alarm clock. The real plan is to clean house, and hopefully there will be a little time left over for stitching!

Yesterday I did work on the Tutti-Fruitti block for Judy. It is finished. I also made the Gypsy Bag block. That was a do over, too, but it looks much better now. It has my first printed 'ciggie' on it. The printer is nearly out of colored ink, so it is pale, but that's ok for this project. No more stash buying until those cartridges are replaced!!


Lillian said...

I love the block you made for Judy and the stitching looks great too. I have to try something in these colors. SO vibrant and alive.

Lillian said...

Love the work you did on Judy's block and the colors are so vibrant and alive.

I have to try something similar.