Wednesday, June 21, 2006

CQ and Other Musings

I finally finished and mailed the CQ'd purse, but forgot to take finished pictures of it. I'll wait to see if I hear from Ellen, then ask her to send me a couple of pics if she will. I do have some pics of the piece as it was being embellished, but not near the end. What was I thinking?

Joined a new Silk Ribbon list the other day. It is hosted by Willa and Vickie - and lots of members already. Some great looking work in the photo sections so I hope to learn a lot from these experts.

The Hand Embroidery two-week stitch journal is cretan stitch this time. I've done about half my 4x6 aida. This is a picture of my blanket stitch piece. I did take the word 'buttonhole' off since we determined that they are different stitches.

Today I see that SharonB has started a 100 stitches in 100 days project. I would like to do it, too. Perhaps this one would be good for a larger piece of fabric to make a sampler from -- oh, that coral/red skirt that the shell buttons came from... UmmHu - that's it.

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