Thursday, April 26, 2007

Friends' Weather

Those of us who are on different groups and lists have found not only kindred spirits in crafts, arts, or other similar interests, but we have also made friends. Some members post frequently, some you'd like to hear from more often - having found themselves 'busy with life' having less time to visit with on-line friends.

As I ramble into my subject, have you noticed in yourself a different attitude or concern toward the weather? Of course when there is tragedy, we're all saddened by the outcome, even when we are not directly affected. During the predictions do we pay a little closer attention when the state or city of an online friend is mentioned? Oh, that's where lives - I hope this doesn't cause harm or damage there.

This weather channel message is brought to you by the 75` partly sunny day, where it appears the freezing weather has dissipated, and spring has sprung - with empathy for those who are with unmelted snow or chilling rains ...


Gerry said...

How right you are, Charlene. I find that I'm must more aware of 'happenings' both local and internationally because of those who come to mind.

Susan said...

Yep, I do that! I watch certain places on Yahoo weather. It's really

Did you see the lacebuy info? I noticed you are special notice.