Friday, April 06, 2007

Two for the Dough -- ***

I've finished Janet Evonavich's Two for the Dough and it was a light, fun read. Stephanie is a bounty hunter who lives in New Jersey, near her family, with a police officer/childhood friend, Morelli, sidekick (and more??). Grandma Mazur gets more involved with this case since it involves funeral homes, one of her favorite activities. She also gets a new apricot doo and Doc Martin's.

I think I'll give Stephanie a break and read something else next.


wilma said...

I've read the Evanovich books until nr. 11 and they are all hilarious (especially Grandma!).

June said...

I've just started reading "Two for the Dough" Looks like I'll have a good read. Have you read Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilt Series?