Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May - Take Action

Rete over at Arts & Quilts has decided that since May begins the second quarter of the year, she plans to take action, and invites others to join in with her.

I decided to check back on my New Year's Check List and update:

1. Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) that will be a year long project offered by Sharon Bogon - her site is down for the time being. She will offer a new stitch each Tuesday and we will work and play with the stitch to find all the variations of the stitch. (REMOVE)

This one fell through. I did them for a while, then it wasn't exciting to me any more. I do still watch the list of blogs - which is how I came across the one that led to this post!

2. Completing the Newbie Group 1 Birthday swap (Finished)

This one is complete - well, I'm the May person and haven't received mine, but it IS only the beginning of May!

3. The Chains of Hearts (CoH) group that is an 'as you complete' group. There are many with whom I have not swapped and would love to. (On Hold)

I'm still a member of this group, but have gone on Digest mail. I had hearts available, and I suppose everyone who wanted to swap with me did. That's OK - haven't been doing a terribly lot of CQ this year anyway. My craft of favor comes and goes :-).

4. The Newbies Share Our Hearts (SoH) group that is a monthly heart (On Going)

This one is still on my list - May 15 will be here before we know it, won't it?

5. Finish the Travel Quilt (On Going)

I've worked on it some, but not as much as I should. It is still a goal.

6. I'm thinking of joining the 25 Tatting project (Finished)

Did join, and have completed.


7. CQ'd pillow for Graduation: May 5 (Finished)

8. Garden theme block for CQ for Newbies: May 25

9. Tatted bookmark for Needle_Tat Group: End of May

10. Tatted bookmark for PalTatters group: June


Anonymous said...

Alright! I'll be cheering you on! Have a great month.

JK said...

Goodness hon, that's quite a list there!!! Want me to send Norbert to help you out??