Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol Gives Back

Yes, I'm a fan of American Idol - watch every week (recorded), but rarely vote. This week's show was special in that they were making contributions to some of the world's crisis areas. You can read more details about it at One of their advertisers had agreed to contribute $5 million dollars if there were 50,000 votes. I did my part and voted numerous times - redial is wonderful, isn't it? There were 70,000 votes!

I was thinking of driving to the coast this weekend for a couple of days, to see a craft show and try to find some 'Mermaid Tears'. We've all seen the hungry children in Africa, those impoverished with AIDS and malaria who struggle to get miles and miles away to visit a hospital for the chance of receiving the small supply of medicine. It always tugs at the heart strings - the tears of a 12 year old who is the man of house caring for his younger sister after losing both parents. After watching the show and seeing some of the areas that would be recipients, Africa and America alike, I decided to contribute the money it would have cost for the trip.

My tiny contribution wasn't much, but if each of us makes a tiny contribution, medicine will be available, books to be read, food for hungry families - children will be saved. Please consider helping to save a few real tears.

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