Sunday, April 22, 2007

Farewell to Hand Embroidery List

I left the Hand Embroidery yahoo group this morning and got a message that my last message could not be posted to the group. I guess I didn't give it enough time to process before leaving. 'Course yahoo hasn't liked my messages much recently anyway - I have to go to the Group Page to reply, and then I think it's hit or miss. Anyway, I will post below the message I sent.


I'd like to say goodbye and best wishes to everyone on the Hand Embroidery list. You all do lovely work, and I'll keep an eye on your blogs and comment there.

Take care, and Happy Stitching!
Charlene in SC


Candi Harris said...

Charlene, I'm going to continue to stay in touch with you!!!:) Such a dear lady and you're stuck with me. tee hee
Lots and lots of HUGZ:)

Melissa said...

I hate to see you leave the group too I thought you added so much to our group! As Candi said your stuck with me too in the blog world! LOL

Gerry said...

Take comfort in knowing that many of the friends from H-E are also on CQN :-)

Lillian said...

Hi Charlene,

So sad to see you go! I look forward to continuing to following your blogs. I hope we can still keep in contact.

Do Take Care and see you around!