Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Travel again

It has been a busy week, trying to get all loose ends caught up before going to class again next week. This time it's in Virginia, and I have scouted around and found a Jo-Ann's, a stitching house, and a needlework shop that are fairly close to the hotel.

I did join the Chains Of Hearts group. I don't have any to swap now, but thought I'd try to get a couple made up to work on at night while in Virginia. The Have a Hearts we made to swap for Hand-Embroidery List got me hooked. Thanks, Lillian!! Too Happy 2

I did finish the second one - well, the one that will swap . I need to get those and the birthday swap baggy in the mail today, and maybe the half and half blocks as well. Can't post pics of them, yet.

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Debbie R. said...

That is pretty!