Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Catching up with some Stitching

I've tried to catch up with some stitching, and made a little progress. Today I joined the Have a Heart Swap with the Hand Embroidery group. I couldn't wait to get home to find fabrics, so went ahead and put it together. There may be too much going on, but will have to study it a little more. It looks pretty good in the picture, but up close it seems busy. I do need to do a little edge straightening!! Comments?

These are my stitch challenge samplers for the Stem and Chain stitches that I did most of in Orangeburg last week. Not the greatest looking things in the world, but practice none the less.

And this is an embroidered fan I'm working on with new threads, Kreninik Soie Perlee. I'm loving them so far.

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