Thursday, August 03, 2006

100 Details for 100 Days

I think I'll add completed days work of my Sharon's 100 Details for 100 Days to this post for a while...

Day 25 (Saturday) This was fun. I found another block in the drawer that had been pieced for a LONG time, but had NO seamwork or motifs on it. This day's work is made of chevron, detached daisey, and straight stitches, and I used Edmar rayon Nova.

This is Day 24 - (Friday) another variety of wisteria. I started on the right with Edmar rayon thread, but it wasn't showing up as I wanted, so I switched to Finca cotton 12 and liked it a lot better.

I'm not up to date, but have finished days 22 and 23.

The yahoo lists have been quiet the last few days - guess everyone is busy and hot. Today (August 3, 2006) the heat index was 104 here - whew!!

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Susan said...

I'm very impressed by your french knot grapes! French knots hate me. =)