Sunday, August 19, 2007


I got a lovely D.Morgan card yesterday with a baggie of goodies from Pat Winter. Is she telepathic as well as magically talented? I've been trying my hand at printing images to use on CQ projects, and there were several beautiful ones included. There were also the sweetest, tiny leaf charms, and some of her beautifully dyed silk ribbon. If you've ever gotten a package from Pat, you know the lovely scent each has that makes it even more special.
Thank you so much, Pat, for sharing these with me, but especially for being the generous, sharing, loving woman that you are!!


Gerry said...

I guess kindness finds kindness. Enjoy.

Candi said...

Two lovely ladies that compliment one antoher:)

Pat Winter said...

I am happy you can use these things. You are a very sweet and generous friend and I appreciate you.