Friday, August 17, 2007

The Half-Blood Prince - *****

I finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and it was great. I had planned to go back to The Dark Tower, but now I've got to finish this series. The last one... I've heard it is VERY good, and I'm ready to know what happens. If you haven't read any of these books, you may think they're elementary. They are, somewhat, but I believe as the years have gone on, Harry and the gang have grown up, and so has the level of reading.


Gerry said...

DH just finished the last book and he really enjoyed it. I read 1-4 but only got part way through book 5. I couldn't take Harry's whining (woe is me, oh gosh, poor me) attitude.

Yet we did see the Order of the Phoenix movie the other day. GOOD, GOOD, GOOD! Too bad the book wasn't that exciting. LOL.

I might just have to pick book 6 up and finish the series. They're destined to become a CLASSICs.

Susan said...

My husband just finished the last book, too. He loved it, too. Funny how differently people view things. =) There was a great hour-long show on PBS or SciFi about the series, and it pointed out some interesting reasons about Harry's attitude in book 5. I think because I was adopted, I could understand his attitude.