Saturday, August 11, 2007

Egyptian Blocks - Received

On the CQ for Newbies list, JK hosted an Egyptian Themed Swap. These are the ones I recieved.

I can see that you love turquoise - as the block I got made by you is mostly that in background fabrics, and it is lovely! The appliqued images across the block are very nicely done, and the center embroidered queen is beautifully done. Your stitching is very pretty and so neat and even. Very nice!

Sharon R

What a well done block. The stitching is so nice. Love the scene with Moses in his basket floating across the river. A nicely done ankh and a gold metallic Eye of Horus or Eye of Ra. Very nice, indeed. The metallic looks multi colored in the scan, but it is gold.

Thank you both very much for participating in this fun swap!

And thank you, JK for hosting this for us!!


Thelma said...

You have received some lovely Egyptian blocks. This was a great swap don't you think? It was definately a challenge.

Susan said...

Very nice blocks. Do you have plans for them? Are you going to make more of your own to add to them?