Friday, May 11, 2007

7 Things Meme

I have been tagged by Ati for the Seven Things Meme. I've been watching this go around in the blog rolls I travel, and it's fun learning new things about those whose blogs I read often. Some folks enjoy telling about themselves, and others, like me, find it rather difficult.

1. I've lived alone, or as a single parent - son or Pixie, for 26 years - and love it! There are times when a companion would be nice; like lawn mowing, home keeping, etc., but that stuff can be 'hired' and I don't have to pick up their socks! I have been called a hermit because I can stay alone for unknown amounts of time. I don't care for parties, social gatherings, etc., but do manage family things - for a short time.

2. I don't feel like my imagination tells me a 53 year old woman should feel - although I do love needlework - embroidery, tatting, crazy quilting. I was disappointed to hear, on Grey's Anatomy the other night, that she was dried up and should be doing needlework. Pllleeeaase!

3. Both my parents are living, and my mom still works at Walmart as a greeter. I get my desire to retire from my dad :-)

4. I rarely listen to music and the house is usually quiet unless I'm actually watching TV - or decide to jump up to the computer, like now...

5. I record my favorite TV shows so I can scan through them without watching commercials. DVR is the best thing I've ever subscribed to. My favorite shows? Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, CSI, 24, NCSI, House, Boston Legal, The Riches, The Closer, Nip/Tuck, American Idol (though this year wasn't the best), Dancing with the Stars, Medium, and home improvement/real estate shows if there's time left over.

6. I have several tattoos - and want another.

7. I started back smoking -- after several years. Truth be told, that's probably most of the reason I've lost some weight.

So there you have it... now, let me decide on a few I haven't seen or noted a request already ... and don't feel pressured. If you don't want to do this, that's fine! Tag; you're it...




May Britt



JK said...

Hey Twinkle toes... Wow, you are a lot like me kiddo. I lived alone for 24 years with my dog Rags until she passed away a few years ago, Then met my husband (we will be married 7 years in June). But still a hermit, don't like parties, don't like large crowds, rarely watch TV, fight and kick if I have to go to family gatherings and always figure a way out of them, love doing needlework, house is always quiet (well except when Mozart starts his rendition of the Indiana Jones Theme mixed in with Darth Vader's theme). I don't have tats thou, but did get my belly button pierced once and that lasted a whole two days... Besides, I have a big hole in my head if I can only find an earring big enough...

Ati. Norway. said...

Hi, nice to read something about you :) I was very short in my explanation about me, but in my house it is also quiet, I don't go to parties, I like needlework, so we have a bit in common, haven't we?