Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tatted Snowflake

Well, the first one looks like it has a better shape... But this one is the second!

I've been working on the 'Travel Quilt' for a few days and just HAD to tat a little last night. I went through some books and found this lovely little snowflake that reminds me of a star. This is my first attempt, and as a novice, it takes a time or two to get results I like better! See that I was trimming the threads and got carried away and snipped the end of one of the picots - oops!


Susan said...

That is really neat. I'm so jealous of your "beginner" efforts! Did you see the red heart on someone's blog yesterday? I wanted it!

Maddie Can Fly said...

I love the tatted snowflakes. I can just see a whole tree covered in them. Well, maybe a little mini tree (LOL)

NormaH said...

Looking good. Tatted snowflakes are so much fun to make and in different weights of thread.