Sunday, November 19, 2006

Encrusted Block

I have added a couple of extra elements to the Encrusted block. Mainly a few silk leaves around the ribbon beads and the flower pot, and a little more to the bouquet. I've just downloaded week six, the final, so we'll see where it goes from here.

I'm still working on the Encrusted block with Sharon's class. It's coming along, but still not the block I was expecting it to turn out to be - maybe I'm just not an encruster - I do love to see the fabrics! This is after week 4, so it's time to add extra beads, buttons, charms, etc.


JK said...

Hey Sweet Cheeks! This is really, really gorgeous just the way it is!! I love encrusting, but only if the fabric is not really to my liking. But when you have gorgeous fabric, why hide it? Hon if it is telling you no more, then listen to what it is saying. You will never go wrong. You are dong such a fantastic job with the class, and I know you will learn so much, and have a ball. And I see that adorable swan over there in the corner. I am going to make one, and then you can have a good laugh... ;)

Gerry said...

Looking Gooooood! Are you just loving this class? It sure sounds like it. Have fun with it and be sure to show us more!

Lillian said...

Your block looks great Charlene.

I went to the top blog for crafters and I couldn't find your blog to vote for. Is it listed yet?

Susan said...

I really like that seam at the top - the beads coming out of it were a great plan. There's something very appealing about it.