Sunday, November 26, 2006


I saw Lillian's post about receiving buttons from a friend, and thought of the ones I 'guilted' from my mom. She had on a sweater and got a spill on it. I said, If that doesn't come out, don't throw it away - I love those buttons. Well, a while later she handed me a little plastic wrap bundle. I looked, and sure enough, those pretty heart shaped buttons that remind me of abalone were inside. I asked if the stain hadn't come out, and she just smiled... But now I can't find where I stashed them, of course. During the last week of rapid pick up, I put them some place...but where? I'll pop back in for a photo when they show up.


Susan said...

Moms are the greatest. I look forward to seeing the buttons!

Lillian said...

I will echo Susan's comment... Mom's ARE the greatest. I can't wait to see a pic either!